Mike and Barbara - Landscape & Fine Art Photography by Mike and Barbara Guin
Tar Camp Trees

Mike and Barbara Guin are a husband and wife photographic team "focused" on appreciating moments and surroundings. They enjoy the outdoors, traveling and experiencing new environs.  For them, photography is a natural extension of that. 

Thoughts from Barbara: “I really enjoy connecting with people, especially through my images. Photography can create an intimacy between artist and viewer. If I share my vision of a particular scene and you enjoy it, we know each other better. Seeing on someone’s face that my photographs have touched them in some positive way is very rewarding. On a personal level,  I've  always had longings to bring home pieces of places I visit.  While I still collect natural souvenirs:  a stone, a pinecone,  a seashell, I find making memorable images so much more satisfying.  Photographs allow us to possess a scene in a lasting way that our memories or even our eyes too often fail to do.  That's such a big part of our approach to photography that we coined a hashtag to use on our Instagram posts.  #possessthescene "

Thoughts from Mike: “I’m a bit of a techie and spend a lot of time experimenting with photography gear and learning new techniques. I see my surroundings in lines and shapes and enjoy exploring how light impacts those. Emphasizing all three in a beautiful image that makes you want to ‘be there’ or making an artistic image from a common scene is one of the things I enjoy most about photography. When one of my photographs stirs curiosity or elicits other emotions in people, I consider it a good image.

The Guins exhibit their work around the Raleigh Durham area, have had images published in magazines and several of their photographs are hanging in “one of the world’s greatest patient care” facilities. They currently sell to both private and commercial customers. Most of the images on this website are available for purchase. Barbara and Mike are both members of several photography clubs and Barbara serves on the Board of Directors of Cary Photographic Artists.   The Guins are founding members of The Focus,  a photographic art collective created for the purpose of inspiring, sharing and exhibiting. 

We’d love to hear from you! If you have comments or are interested in purchasing a print, please contact us at mbGuinPhotography

Kohala Waterfalls, Big Island, HI

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